Saturday, 15 August 2009

Well it's taken me long enough! Ugh, all the exam stress and general riff-raff has chilled out a bit, now I can finally focus on starting my photography up properly!
So yeah, HI! :)
This is....... MY FIRST BLOG POST! haha! awesomeeeee!
I guess firstly, you'd like to know a little (well, I say a little!) about how I first got into photography yes?

Well, since I was little I'd gone though sooooo many future careers from myself, I think the first one was a popstar, aww! good old days.
The second was a zookeeper! - always had an attraction to animals
The third was a psychologist, due to an accident I had when I was 8.
Andddddd, I think the fourth was back to a zookeeper! So, photography didn't origionate from anywhere really when I was young.
I've always been creative, LOVE LOVE LOVE! art :) always been practical.

When I got into 6th form, I took a big leap and began AS fine art (didn't get the overall best grade for my GCSE art as I don't test at all well, but really, who does?)
Aaaaannnyway, It was SO much hard work but I pulled through to get an "acceptable" grade. But my other subjects [psychology,ancient history,english language] were a slightly less acceptable grade, for me anyway, everyone else thought they were okay.... silly people.
Everything I'd thought of persuing never really worked out, or my heart just wasn't in it enough.

That summer, I travelled down to the far west of the UK alot, caravaning etc with my parents.
When you go away someplace you always take a disposable camera or a digital one, in this case, mine was disposable. We travelled to Stonehenge and Avebury circle as we do often, and I began just taking holiday snaps. Thought nothing else of it really. When they were developed, my parents took an interest in them, talking about the colours in the right places and the overall flow of the photographs, it seems it almost came naturally to me. I didn't have to think about what I was taking. Maybe, just maybe...... something I was really good at?

During the summer, I borrowed mums digital camera and started taking photographs of anything and everything that I thought looked interesting or just plain attractive to the human eye. Gradually, I started to concentrate more on what I was photographing and my urge for an origional film camera began to overwhelm me. A few weeks later, I bought my FIRST.... EVER..... SLR CAMERA! yaaaaay! My grandad owned it first, I bought it off him for £70. It's a real lush camera too! Minolta 7000 :) and yeah, as you can guess, i went nuts! Suddenly the outside seemed like a candy store, the possibilities were endless for me!

Also that summer, I applyed to Chichester College and took AS photography and AS media studies. This was one of the biggest decisions I ever made, for me socially really. Always been a shy girl, never been one of the popular crowd, so moving to a HUGE college with thousands of people....... people I didn't know! gooossshhhhhh, it was so scary!
But I settled in quickly, made a really close friend in my Photography class which of course helped my confidence. It was strange because the moment I entered the dark room at the college, I just knew that this really could be the one thing for me, the one thing I excell in. I still believe I've found it and (not to sound big headed) I'm actually very proud of what I do. Why shouldn't I be? haha.
So, I've just completed my first year. My coursework was ALOT of hard work, but totally worth it! My Minolta served me very well :) Our topic for our coursework was "Black And White in the Urban society". Something outside of college that I'd never done before, so it was a delightful challenge!
We had a choice of various topics for our exam, I chose Colour. I let my Minolta rest for my exam, instead my uncle kindly lent me his SONY DSLR a200, fell in love with it right away! The colour topic came out rather well as luckily I have a good bunch of... rather eccentric looking friends! In the "emo/scene" stereotype, [so friends + colour exam = PERFECT!] I'll find out just how well it went on the 20th of this month when I get my results, fingers crossed!

So there we have it, that's how I began my photographic interests. Now, I've set a little future career for myself! My ambition you ask? To be a marine photographer working for National Geographic Magazine. A huge ambition yes, but I think if you set yourself a big prize at the end, it makes you work just that little bit harder.
Thanks for taking an interest in my blog :) I'll be posting some of my early photos at some point tomorrow when I can get my other computer working.
Torie xoxo